G&E Repair

(General & Endocavity)

G&E Probe Repair

General & Endocavity Probes

At AmeriSound Medical we repair all shape and size ultrasound probes. A majority of ultrasound probes can be categorized under a category known in the industry as General & Endocavity Probes or G&E Probes. These probes are a vital piece of diagnostic equipment used during general radiology, gynecology, and everyday imaging exams. When your ultrasound probe is damaged AmeriSound Medical's expert repair technicians can repair it back to meet or exceed OEM specifications at a fraction of the OEM replacement cost.


Major Repairs

We understand that accidents sometimes happen and sometimes ultrasound probes incur major damage. Here at AmeriSound Medical we offer a plethora of solutions to repair your severely damaged ultrasound probe back to OEM specification.

These Repairs Include:

  • Cable Retermination
  • Cable Replacement
  • Array Repair
  • Array Replacement
  • Major PCB Repairs
  • Connector Repairs


Cosmetic Repairs

In a busy diagnostic imaging setting, ultrasound probes can be used hundreds of times a week. When used in high volume settings probes begin to wear out cosmetically. Whether your probe has a cut in the cable, a hole in the lens, or a torn strain relief, AmeriSound Medical has the expert repair technicians with the solution.

Repairs Include:

  • New Lens Installation
  • Housing Refurbishments
  • Strain Relief Repairs/Replacements
  • Cable Jacket Repair
  • Housing/Connector Paint
  • Many More Repairs...